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Have you ever experienced harassment or bullying on the job, or witnessed a situation that might have been workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment is an issue which affects many people in the workplace. Left unchecked, it can have long-term damaging effects on one’s career, eroding one’s reputation, sense of confidence and well-being, as well as destroying the culture and productivity in a workplace. Whether a victim or an observer of harassment, many people do not report it for fear of repercussions, and because of inadequate understanding of ways to deal with the issue. So, we’re bringing together a panel of professionals who deal with workplace issues, to share their expertise on what you can do if you experience or observe harassment at work.

Joining us will be:

Hena Singh, Lawyer & Partner, Singh Lamarche LLC | @SinghLamarche
Hena Singh is one of the founding lawyers/partners of Singh Lamarche LLP. Hena assists with workplace issues of all types, and has also conducted hundreds of workplace investigations for companies of all types and sizes, ranging from workplace harassment to violence, fraud, theft and misuse of property. Co-author of Law of Termination in Ontario and a frequent presenter on various employment law, human rights and workplace investigation issues, Hena is recognized for providing her clients with practical and tailored solutions to employment issues.

Clare Freeman, Executive Director, Dr. Bob Kemp Centre for Hospice Palliative Care
Clare Freeman wrote the Canadian Football League’s workplace anti-violence policy, which includes verbal, physical and sexual harassment. She has worked with many individuals who have been a victim of harassment in the work place, and was invited to speak to the round table committee for Premier Kathleen Wynne’s harassment policy.

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