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As pictured above: Julia Gordon, Chelsea Angel, Nishita Hore, Alexandra Krolak and Helette Conradie. Missing from photo: Rabia Kamal and Katherine Quan.


Lean In Canada is proud to introduce the recipients of the Ivey MBA Class of 2020 Lean In Canada Scholarship. “By partnering with Lean in Canada, we are building on the strengths of both of our organizations to encourage even more women to seek positions of leadership” says Ally (Morrow) Hobson, Associate Director for MBA Recruiting & Admissions at Ivey Business School. These scholarships are awarded to incoming female Ivey MBA students based on exemplary leadership.

An Ivey MBA can open doors and connect you with infinite opportunities.  Whether you are looking to transition careers, increase your earning potential, or accelerate your current career path, the Ivey MBA will give you the business foundation and the leadership skills essential to achieving your career goals.

The experience is deeply immersive which forms a close-knit community like no other. Unique to Ivey, the MBA curriculum is delivered using Ivey’s Case-Method Learning. Each class is a journey through a complex, multi-disciplined business challenge. You’ll come out of the program with a powerful decision-making approach. 

Ivey’s career management is actively involved from day one. Starting with your application, and over twenty personal touch points during your time at Ivey. Ivey Alumni have constantly ranked career services as number 1 in Canada. 

Ivey’s incredibly immersive, one-year MBA program combines the best of community, learning environment, and career management, in a 12-month program that optimizes your learning and leaves you ready to tackle the next step in your career. 

“As women, one of the areas where we tend to differ from men is our levels of self-confidence and propensity to take risks. In the classroom, you are constantly being asked to share your opinions. After 6 months in the program, I have felt the impact of my own transformation and know that I am a lot more confident in my own intelligence and abilities.”  – Chelsea Angel, MBA ’20 Candidate 

If you’re interested in learning more about the MBA program at the Ivey Business School at Western University please contact Ally (Morrow) Hobson at amorrow@ivey.ca

Looking for more information before deciding if an MBA is right for you? Step into the shoes of an Ivey MBA and sit in on an Ivey Case Class, meet the faculty, enjoy lunch with current students, and meet our Career Management team. Many students have said that the Class Visit was the defining moment in their decision to choose Ivey for their MBA. 

MBA Class Visit

January 13, 2020, 9:30AM – 3:00PM

London, ON

Learn more here

Please join us in congratulating all of the scholarship recipients! 



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