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Lean In Canada’s latest whitepaper, “The Pay Gap and Women of Colour in Ontario,” shines a spotlight on the significant pay gap and employment disparities faced by women of colour in the province. By dissecting data and uncovering the root causes behind these inequities, the paper offers actionable solutions for individuals, managers, corporations, and the public sector to promote greater equity and inclusion in the workplace.

From recruitment biases to compensation discrepancies, the whitepaper outlines the various challenges and calls for collaborative efforts to address them effectively. It emphasizes the importance of proactive measures, genuine diversity initiatives, and education to combat discrimination and create a more inclusive work environment.

Ultimately, Lean In Canada’s whitepaper serves as a rallying cry for change—an urgent call to bridge the gap and ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities to thrive in Ontario’s workforce.

The Pay Gap and Women of Colour in Ontario 2023

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