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What are Lean In Circles?

Circles are a place where women can be unapologetically ambitious. Where we can give voice to our dreams and find the encouragement to start chasing them. They’re a place for sharing ideas, gaining skills, seeking advice, and showing solidarity. Most of all, they’re a place where we help each other become our very best selves. Whatever your goal—whether you’re working toward a promotion or building your confidence, reentering the workforce or starting a business—your Circle will help you get there.

How Circles Work

Women in your group meet once a month to support each other and learn new skills.

Circles are everywhere. We’re a community of women who meet in nearly every country and at some of the largest companies.

Circles can meet over coffee at your home, in a lunch series at work, or in virtual meet-ups online.

And we know they work: 86% of women in Circles say their group has made a positive impact on their life.

Women around the world are meeting regularly in small groups to support each other and learn new skills. Join one of our 43,000 Circles today.

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Starting a Circle is Easy

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Women in circles are creating change

Register and invite a few friends to join the group

We recommend small groups of 8 to 12 women-but many Circles start off with even fewer members.

Schedule your first meeting

Circles can meet anywhere—at work, home, a nearby coffee shop, or online.

Run your Circle meeting with our step-by-step guides

Choose from dozens of meeting guides on topics from networking to negotiating.

Start Your Circle

Circle members around the world stand shoulder to shoulder to advance equality.

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Our Partner Programs

Whether your goal is skill development, retention, or mentorship at scale, you can tailor your Circles program to complement your existing diversity and inclusion efforts and achieve your organizational goals.

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