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Lean In Canada Mentorship Program

‘Mentorships and sponsorships are key drivers of success, yet women can have a harder time finding mentors and sponsors, especially ones with influence’*.

Lean In Canada is a community of professional women empowering each other to build purposeful and fulfilling careers. The Lean In Canada Mentorship program plays a critical role in this mission.

What is the Lean In Canada Mentorship Program?

The Lean In Canada Mentorship Program is the first of its kind. Mentees, if selected, will have the opportunity to connect, in a one-to-one setting  with established,, successful female leaders. 

In addition to six (6) one-hour private sessions with a mentor, matched byskill set and professional ambitions – mentees will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive private workshops designed specifically for Lean In Canada to help identify and develop  strengths and professional skills.

What does the Lean In Canada Mentorship Program Include?

As a Lean In Canada Mentee you will receive:

  • Membership to Lean In Canada (including access to all member benefits, discounted event tickets and exclusive early access to member content)
  • The opportunity to attend private workshops with other Lean In Mentees and Lean In Members
  • 6 mentoring sessions with an industry leader
  • Active and structured support throughout the program
  • The opportunity to build your network

Valued at over $3,000, the cost of the 2019 program is $499, with early bird pricing at $379 for mentees applying before March 31st 2019.  Lean In welcomes the opportunity to work with employers who wish to sponsor future female leaders in their organizations.

Who is eligible to apply to the Lean In Canada Mentorship Program

Mentees must:

  1. Reside or have access to the Greater Toronto Area and be able to attend in-person meetings as agreed upon with the mentor with a commitment of 6 live sessions over a 9-month period.
  2. Be employed in thecorporate field. Recommended for the best Mentor Matching.

Mentors and Mentees are thoughtfully matched based on background, chosen field and career goals.  Lean In will make every effort to match mentors with a mentee who will benefit from their help and guidance the most!

How does the Application process work?

Early bird applications are open during the month of March. Mentee applicants must:

Step 1. Complete Online Application and Matching surveylink below – by March 31st

Step 2. Application Review and Matching (April 21st)

Step 3. Confirmation and final payment due by April 26th

Step 4. Match Introductions – May 3rd

What is the time commitment required?

The commitment of mentors is to participate in live coaching sessions for one hour each session over a period of nine months.  Within this period the Mentor will meet with their Mentee a total of six times.  Location will be coordinated between Mentor and Mentee. 

What is the format of the session?

Lean In will provide mentors and mentees with a care package of materials including a list of potential topics and supporting material to help guide the discussion and use everyone’s time as purposefully and efficiently as possible. However, Mentors and Mentees are free to plan their own sessions and identify topics for discussion. 

Please note, there is only space for 20 Mentees in the 2019.

Thank you for your interest! 



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