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About Our Network

This network was born of a mission to empower women in the Ottawa community to lead, succeed, and live fulfilling lives. We hope to make the Ottawa network a place where women can be unapologetically ambitious. Where we can give voice to our dreams and find the encouragement to start chasing them. A place for sharing ideas, gaining skills, seeking advice, and showing solidarity. Most of all, a place where we help each other become our very best selves. Whatever your goal—whether you’re working toward a promotion or building your confidence, entering a new industry or starting a business— the events powered by Lean In Ottawa can help you get there.  Stop by, lean in and join us in the conversation.

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"Lean In Canada has provided me with an amazing opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences in a great venue."

- Ami Patel


Vanessa Monteiro

Network President

Haily Kortekaas

Finance Lead

Shea Cole

Strategic Initiatives

Cait Fortier

Marketing, Copywriter

Michelle Campbell

Marketing, Community Manager

Emily Dare

Marketing, Copywriter

Ashley Cannon

Events, Logistics & engagement

Moira McClenaghan

Circle leader

Chantha Nhem