Anahita (Anna) Thukral - Lean in Canada

Founder of Hear Her Stories

Anahita (Anna) is a social entrepreneur, and the founder of Hear Her Stories and DiWo. Having lived in four different countries, Anna has experienced firsthand the systemic and structural barriers faced by women of color. These experiences led Anna to create Hear Her Stories, a platform that amplifies women’s voices and celebrates their achievements as a way to support and inspire the next generation of diverse women.

This media platform showcases stories of diverse, “everyday” women to show the incredible journeys and accomplishments from women that are often not represented in the mainstream media. This unique community believes in the power of stories and is actively working to decrease barriers for women globally. Hear Her Stories sheds light on trailblazing women that are too often overlooked.

Through Hear Her Stories, Anna realized that these barriers have translated to tangible experiences in the workforce, resulting in underrepresentation and inequality of outcomes. To help address these gaps, Anna has recently launched DiWo (stands for Diverse Women) with the goal of providing equal access and opportunities to all women.

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