Dr. Dee Holstine Vander Valk | Lean in Canada

Dee Holstine Vander Valk is a Certified Coach, Author, Oxford-trained Speaker, #IamRemarkable Facilitator (a Google initiative), Podcaster, and LeanIn Circle Leader, with a PhD in Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning), a Masters in Leadership, and a former actor, playwright and director.  She works with women to develop the skills and confidence to be fully seen, heard, and understood in their private and public lives, leading to personal and professional transformation, empowerment and eloquence.  She is particularly inspired to help women gain the cultural capital necessary to use their voices at the tables of power, influence, change and choice in the world – and she does so through thought leadership across a number of areas, currently including: disruptive thinking, innovative use of the arts (esp. theatre) in leadership training, self-advocacy and -promotion, presence, charisma, confidence, gifted and talented women, perfectionism, trust and vulnerability, servant leadership, psychological safety, identity and the right (and ability) to speak.  She loves words – whether reading, writing, speaking, or hearing – and brings a sense of humour and humility to everything she does.  Thus, she is here today to learn and laugh.

As a speaker, Dee helps women find their voices, aligned with their values and purpose. Authentic self-leadership and powerful communication skills empower you to represent yourself, and those in your circles, with intentionality and impact. Dee uses research, best practices, theory, experience, practical application, and real-world know-how attained through a nearly 30-year career in coaching, facilitating, writing, consulting, leading and speaking to provide customized thought-provoking keynotes, presentations & workshops across diverse topics and groups.


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