Dr. Larry Stanleigh - Lean in Canada

Larry, originally from Toronto, has called Calgary home since 1987. He wears many hats, with a diverse background and an array of talents.

Larry is a professional speaker and coach, specializing in two main topics: “The People in Your Life are a Gift” and “Success is All About Relationships.” His innovative systems are cost-effective yet immensely powerful, transforming how businesses engage with clients, handle team dynamics, marketing strategies, and strategic goal setting.

In addition to his speaking and coaching, Larry is a General Practice Dentist, a globally recognized authority in Orofacial pain and Jaw Dysfunction stemming from trauma. He also serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Agility Guard, a leading Canadian Sports Performance Mouthguard company.

Larry’s creative spirit shines through in his various roles: he’s an author, an award-winning blogger, a stand-up comedian, and a voice actor for the “No Shirt, No Shoes, Pants Optional” comedy podcast. He also takes on the role of Producer for the “USNA: The United States of North America” graphic novel project.

While Larry finds inspiration in his wife Tina and daughters Isabel and Samara, he dedicates his hard work and passion to the well-being of those around him.


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