Elsa Abi-Khalil - Lean in Canada

By building strong communities and investing in continuous career development, we can shape a high-performing culture of trust, resilience, and agility in organizations and a prosperous economy Canada-wide.

I am a bilingual (FR/EN) impact-driven MBA professional with international experience. I follow my intellectual curiosity to build meaningful interactions between the business world and people. To achieve this, I leverage my superpowers in two fundamental ways. First, I build win-win partnerships and a virtuous cycle to turn members into advocates. Second, I design and implement knowledge transfers to strengthen talent and culture as competitive advantages.

Hands-on, I push projects forward by contextualizing their goals and challenges. I am an idea factory! I love to crack challenges and brainstorm solutions. With my creativity, I craft unique and innovative customer-focused solutions for your company to compete with impeccable brand positioning and partnerships and be ahead of the curve. Finally, I build engagement through empirical methods and my tested frameworks of community design and workplace experience.

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