Erin Leslie - Lean in Canada
Erin Leslie is a leadership coach and career strategist who will enable any professional or team to achieve their career aspirations through personal development, training and coaching. 
She believes that every career could benefit from mentorship; she sees the opportunity in anyone who is stuck or does not kown the right actions, to propel them towards their next success.
Erin practices one-on-one coaching with clients and mentees across all industries. Certified in EQ-I 2.0 Assessment, Erin specializes in emotional intelligence practices and tools to support a stronger emotional quotient in the workplace. Her emotional intelligence keynote provides insights from 20 years as a business career woman in tech; combined with a tailored coaching style she has the intuitive ability to uncover personal or environmental barriers and help identify new goals for your business audience. Helping professionals, teams and new comers with all aspects of business negotiation, personal branding, networking and business culture is not only a vocation, it is her passion.

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