Fereshteh Zeineddin is a retail executive with over 10 years of experience working for a number of global brands. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from UBC and a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Fereshteh started her professional career as an Account Executive with L’Oreal Canada. After completing her MBA in 2010, she joined Louis Vuitton and took on the role of Client Development and Business Analysis Manager at the Canadian headquarters in Toronto. Through her many interactions with the stores, Fereshteh quickly discovered a passion for retail operations and people management. Since that time, she has held retail management positions with Louis Vuitton Hotel Vancouver, Nordstrom Vancouver and Tesla. She is currently the District General Manager for Western Canada at Tesla.

  1. Your very first job was…tourguide and bus driver at Landsea Tours in Vancouver
  2. Your two most recent positions held: District General Manager, Tesla Vancouver ; Assistant Store Manager, Nordstrom Vancouver
  3. 3 key areas of expertise; General Management and retail
  4. List of past speaking engagements (your choice of 3)
  5. How have the lessons/ideas of Lean In helped as you progressed through your life and career? Have the confidence to pursue the extraordinary
  6. What three characteristics do you believe helps YOU make things happen/get things done? Grit, passion and creativity
  7. One career or life lesson you want to share with the Lean In community. Have a deliberate plan on where you’d like to go but be open to emergent opportunities along the way. You never know where life takes you.

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