Gloria Pierre - Lean in Canada

Have you ever had an experience that instantly zapped your confidence and left you feeling less than and disrespected –  because you didn’t know how to handle the situation?

When that happened to her, Gloria Pierre shared that experience with other women and found that they also didn’t know how to handle such situations.

So she started her company, Clearly Speaking in 2000 and offers boutique communication training. She has developed more than 30 effective, interactive programs to empower clients to command attention and respect every time they are seen or heard.  The programs include how to say no without burning bridges, how to speak loud and clear so your voice portrays confidence, how to transform your negative thoughts, define your self-image or be defined and impression management.

Over the years, Gloria has coached people who presented at the White House in Washington, spoke at Air Canada Centre and presented at the UN. She has spoken at conferences and events in the Canada, US, The West Indies and South America.

She wrote six books, (K)New Words, ABC’s Of Networking, ABC For Speakers & Presenters, ABC For The Workplace, An English Guide to Pronunciation and Mispronounced & Misunderstood.  And has appeared on Breakfast Television, Global TV, Omni TV and New Canadians TV and was profiled in Metro newspaper, radio and quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

She has a lot to share with you and today she’ll show you how you sabotage yourself, and give you tips on how to re-define your self-image.

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