For ten years, Jeff Perera has been speaking to people of all walks of life across North America about healthier versus harmful ideas of manhood. He is a storyteller inspiring new models of possibility for men and young men where we work, live, play, worship or study. Jeff has delivered two TEDx talks: ‘Words Speak Louder that Actions’ and ‘The Ladder of Manhood’. He founded and curated the What Makes A Man conference. From Rogers Media, Mackenzie Investments, Klick Canada, and Canada Post, to numerous other organizations and campuses, Jeff has delivered interactive talks for team leaders and groups of all genders, fields, creed and faiths. Jeff’s work helps nurture brave spaces for real discussion: inspiring people to challenge our gendered ideas of success and failure, and to be the lesson in action.

Jeff previously worked for the White Ribbon Campaign, the world’s largest grassroots effort to engage men in ending violence against women. Jeff also worked for Next Gen Men, who various projects for men and boys include their ‘Equity Leaders’ social enterprise: inspiring men to work towards more equitable work environments.’

You can read written pieces, listen to podcast conversations, and watch interviews with Jeff over at, which is an online space exploring how limiting ideas of gender impact us all in everyday life.

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