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Jesse Jones

Your passion can be your life’s work.

As an innovator, brand builder, cultural architect and public speaker – Jesse Jones lives by these words. He has made it his mission to help others tap into their own passions and actualize their dreams through their careers.

As founder of TEN81 Lifestyle Inc., Jesse helps brands manage their public image and create an authentic connection with their target audience through creative, lifestyle-based marketing strategies. TEN81 is the culmination of Jesse’s experience in lifestyle marketing, brand management, partnership development, Generation Next engagement and strategy.

With an extensive background working with a broad range of organizations – McDonald’s, Yale University, Ernst & Young, Bell, Valeant, Much Music, Mattel, Royal Bank of Canada, Energizer, adidas and Ford, to name a few – Jesse is well equipped to guide today’s forward-thinking companies in building successful, consumer and employee relationships in today’s ever-changing landscape. His presentations have been described by attendees as “infectious”, “inspirational”, “memorable”, “powerful”, “beneficial” and “thought-provoking”. By combining his expertise in generating consumer excitement for brands with his innate ability to inspire individuals to ignite passion within their own lives, Jesse has become a powerful force, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Event: 12-08-2014 Men Lean In

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