Karen Johnson | Lean in Canada

A native of Toronto, Karen’s latest opportunity was as a Weather Anchor/Reporter for CBC Toronto and CBC Windsor and Here & Now on CBC Radio One.  

Karen has been an on-air host, journalist, weather anchor, speaker and emcee for over 2 decades and she has been an avid face in the media ever since. She has a Broadcast Journalism degree from Humber College and is certified by the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.   

The Shopping Channel gave Karen her first opportunity to showcase and hone her on-air skills. Karen’s enthusiasm and professionalism led to a reporting position for Omni’s news division. The station created a new entertainment show “Bollywood Blvd” featuring Karen as the host. 

Karen has covered the Grammy and Emmy Awards as a Red Carpet Host. From Red Carpet Premieres Karen then landed the Station’s premiere cooking show, The Veggie Table.  The show gave her an unexpected opportunity to hone her skills in the kitchen, which blossomed into a full-blown love of cooking. The Veggie Table has aired nationally and internationally for over 13 years and continues to air in around the world in syndication.

In 2002, Karen moved to Edmonton, AB where she was hired as a weather anchor and reporter for Breakfast Television Edmonton. Six months later The Weather Network hired her as the Morning Anchor for Good Morning Toronto. Karen spent the bulk of her career as the face of Canada’s “The Weather Network”. 

In 2013, Karen filled in as the Weather Anchor on Canada’s most watched morning news Show Canada AM, on CTV, Bell Media.

In 2014, Karen took some time off to spend time with her family and raise her two sons she joined CHCH TV in Hamilton, Ontario as a fill in Weather Anchor and Live Eye Reporter.

Not everyone can parlay one small opportunity into a lasting career and Karen has managed to succeed where many haven’t.  Her curiosity and love of gaining new insights and knowledge make her a versatile reporter and host who effortlessly held her audience’s attention.


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