Karlyn Percil | Lean in Canada

Karlyn Percil is a Leadership Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker who believes in the power of women. Her mission is to see a world where women are living their highest and best version of themselves. Her purpose in life is to help women optimize their leadership skills and realize their full potential.

Using the “Elephant Story” model & the power of story telling, Karlyn helps women identify their internal barrier – the “Elephant” in their life, discover what’s holding them back in life and break through their personal “glass ceiling”– empowering them to pursue their ambitions & goals in life.

Karlyn coaches individuals or groups of women to discover their authentic self and increase their personal effectiveness in life. Her signature tools & strategies help women navigate the blocks, find their “happy” in life & in love. The truth is when women are happy, healthy and empowered they L.E.A.D (live & engage authentically daily) their lives consciously with passion & purpose. They make better decisions & better choices, set boundaries and choose to create a life they really love.

Her Authentically YOU Leadership Program helps women to play bigger in life & in love empowering them to create opportunities to start their own Mentorship Program – helping other women heal & find their purpose & the confidence & courage to live a life they really love. Isn’t it time you lived the life you’ve always imagined? I’m here to show you how.

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