Kathy Gibson - Lean in Canada

Kathy Gibson is the President and CEO of Catchy Consulting Inc. Prior to establishing the company over a decade ago, she held the role of Director of Human Resources, achieving “Best Employer” awards twice. Kathy has acted as a Sr. Project Manager, Consultant & Advisor on a number of influential projects, including multiple Provincial Sector Labour Market Partnership projects in collaboration with the Vancouver Economic Commission and virtually every Tech Industry Association across the Province. Her expertise is relied upon among various organizations due to her exceptional understanding of the diversity, equity and inclusion, domestic workforce development, labor market, immigration and talent strategies for the employee life cycle. Through years of experience in both the technology and not-for-profit sectors, Kathy’s network of connections spans across many industries and populations.

Kathy has most recently worked on HR Tech Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Tech Project as a Sr. Project Manager / Consultant. The scope of this Project includes key pilots aimed at creating a more inclusive and diverse Tech sector. Kathy has been entrusted to lead key pilots across the Province, engaging with some 400+ stakeholders and building a D&I Coalition of project supporters.


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