Kyla Wills - Lean in Canada

Kyla Wills is founder and director of Personal English, ESL school (English as a Second Language) and Edge Intercâmbio, a student travel agency, both based out of the northeastern coast of Brazil. 

In her 12 years living in Brazil, learning a new language and culture herself, Kyla understood the importance of experiential learning and the impact it can have on a student’s life.  CELTA certified (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with over a decade of experience helping non-native English speakers improve their language skills in Brazil, she identified the need to take students one step further by sending them to Canada and over 50 destinations across the globe to study English, high school and postsecondary programs. Kyla now dedicates her time to providing students with the tools to expand their horizons and become global citizens.


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