Marguerite Orane is a free and laughing mix of light, joy and intention. With over 20 years in strategy consulting and general management, Marguerite’s commitment is to help leaders and their teams joyfully bring strategy to life to achieve their desired results. She is committed to spreading her message of Joy at Work, emboldening people to step up and claim their bliss at the place in which they spend most of their moments. She is known for her insights on leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship and personal growth delivered in her own energetic, joy-filled way – with ease and grace.

A Harvard MBA, lifetime entrepreneur and Huffpost blogger, she is also the author of “Free and Laughing: Spiritual Insights in Everyday Moments”. She is an avid distance runner, yogini and a Laughter Yoga Leader. Marguerite is very serious about joy – at work, play, home – wherever you are, Marguerite believes that joy should be!

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