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Mark Shekter

Mark co-founded and is CEO of two successful companies – Think8 Systems, a Strategic Corporate Design firm serving entrepreneurs and corporations globally, and First Star International, a Media and Communications Company. With his background as a multi-award winning Hollywood writer-producer and composer, Mark has worked with the world’s top talent including Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Elton John and Ray Charles. This has given him a deep understanding of the creative process and how to apply it in one’s professional and personal life.

Mark developed the Think8 methodology, in use worldwide, that enables individuals and corporations to unleash their full creative potential to formulate a “whole business”, with all parts fully integrated and aligned around a dynamic Re-Visioning and Re-Design of the company.

A core offering of Think8 is its program to establish “True Partnerships” within and without the organization. Success in business and in life is the direct result of solid, sustainable relationships, with each partner willing and able to contribute their best.

With his wife Nancy, co-founder of their two companies, he understands the power of a true partnership, and helps companies create an ideal work environment of motivated, dedicated executives and staff working together to achieve their goals.

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