Nadine Stille - Lean in Canada

A former People Leader, Hiring Manager, Mentor, and Leader of a Business Women’s chapter , Nadine complements those experiences with her skills as a certified coach and supports Moms with Careers to ditch their daily grind and go after what they really want. 

She loves collaborating with people who find themselves at a fork in the road of their lives where they no longer want to play it safe but go after what they’re longing for – even if they are freaked out about it. 

The goal? 

Bring more joy into their lives and careers by getting clear on what they really want like starting their own business, changing entire career paths, more travelling, finally writing that book, and much more.

More joy and fulfillment often also means a desire for less stress.

With money being the top source of stress for people in Canada for the sixth year running, Nadine partners with her clients to uncover negative thinking patterns, creates goals that inspire, and sustainable action plans to reduce stress, increase their sense of calm and confidence, and ultimately boost their joy. 

Nadine holds a certification as a Mental Fitness Coach through Positive Intelligence Inc., and is accredited via the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She has lived and worked in 6 countries with both corporate and entrepreneurial work experience. Now, Nadine is based in Vancouver, Canada with her growing family.

Nadine invites you to kick-start your financial success journey by working through her free ebook “From Drain To Gain: Create A Positive Money Mindset In 4 Practical Steps”

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