Nancy Botkin

As a co-founder of two successful globally-focused companies – Think8 Systems, a Strategic Corporate Design firm, and First Star International, a Media and Communications Company – as a writer-director in film and television with 60 international awards plus an Oscar short-listed movie to her credit, as a mother of five, and a business and life partner with her husband Mark Shekter, Nancy is uniquely qualified to help women realize the full scope of who they are and to realize their full potential using their passion, creativity and brilliance.

Whether as a business strategist for worldwide corporations, Life-and-Career Architect, or as a speaker/facilitator, at heart, Nancy is passionate about enabling women to find their Purpose. Every woman knows there is something more that she is meant to become. Nancy’s work helps her find that Purpose to form an integrated whole in life and career.

Nancy travels worldwide, speaking and conducting workshops as well as one-on-one work with women entrepreneurs, career professionals and CEO’s. Her work, using Think8, enables a woman to live authentically and align her life to live On Purpose, both personally and professionally.

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