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Paulette Senior is the President & CEO of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. She is recognized as one of the most respected and vocal women leaders in the country. She has captured significant attention at home and abroad as a leader and advocate for women and girls – resolute to build a safe and just society where women and girls are equal and free from violence and poverty, and are equipped with critical supports to be leaders in their lives and communities.


Ms. Senior brings a wealth of grassroots experience and sensibility to her role as CEO spending several years on the frontlines of social and community development work. She has led, managed, and operated shelters, employment programs and housing – helping women, children, and youth in some of Toronto’s most economically-disadvantaged neighbourhoods. She most recently was CEO of YWCA Canada, and she has also worked in the past with Yellow Brick House, YWCA Toronto, Macaulay Child Development Centre, Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre, and Central Neighbourhood House. She has held numerous volunteer and leadership roles and is currently Chair of Women’s College Hospital, Canada’s leading academic, ambulatory hospital in women’s health.


Throughout her career, she has been a formidable advocate at local, provincial, and federal levels addressing matters pertinent to women and girls, youth, and immigrants like poverty, housing, violence against women, oppression, and social justice. Ms. Senior, a graduate of York University, has been bestowed with several recognition awards including the African Canadian Achievement Award, the AfroGlobal Leadership Award, the Black Women Civic Engagement Award, the MicroSkills Margot Franssen Leadership Award, and the Woman of Influence citation.


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