Reena Khullar - Lean in Canada
President, Lean In Network Calgary | Founder & CEO, Agilis Executive Consulting
“I moved to Calgary from Edmonton in 2001, eventually celebrating 20 years as an HR Executive leading people and organizations with their brand strategies, and aligning these to their purpose and how they measured success. A storytelling exercise is a catalyst to building strong relationships, while offering insight into core values and how people connect with one another. We have all witnessed the power of storytelling, and people in organizations are adopting this initiative by becoming more vulnerable in showing authenticity through openly sharing their own journeys. There is no social media platform or any app that can do this for you in a raw, authentic way. When I launched Agilis Executive Consulting in 2020, the vision was constructed on the power of conversation; and the result was a well-developed strategy for an entrepreneurial pursuit that would either succeed well or fail with grace. The ability to be transparent and lead yourself with integrity when making big decisions is what solidifies your success. But it starts with you and how honest you are with yourself, and who you choose to want to include in your journey. This is where Lean In and our Circles reward women (and men) with a community to help build, guide and support their goals. Women across the globe are determined to measure their success on their own terms; and the impact of male allyship for women in the workforce is prevalent and needed more today than ever before.”

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