Rick Aujla - Lean in Canada
Real Estate Advisor, Century 21 Bravo

“In the world of technology and innovation, I embarked on a remarkable 22-year journey in the IT industry. From the early days as a Software Tester to wearing multiple hats as a Consultant, Business Analyst, Project & Program Manager, Team Leader, and Operations Manager, I immersed myself in the dynamic landscape of information technology. But life had more in store for me. In the midst of my IT career, I discovered a hidden passion – a burning desire to build and create. So, alongside my role in the tech world, I ventured into the realm of home building, running my own business. It was an exciting endeavor, where I learned the ropes of entrepreneurship and the art of constructing dreams from the ground up. However, fate had a plot twist in store. At the age of 47, I stood at a crossroads, facing a pivotal decision. Deep within my soul, I heard the call of a different path – one that led me to follow my heart and pursue a career in real estate. It was a bold move, a leap into the unknown. Doubt and anxiety filled my mind, but I knew that to truly thrive, I had to conquer my fears and embrace change. And so, with unwavering determination and the spirit of resilience, I forged ahead, leaving behind the comfortsof the familiar. The journey was not without its challenges, but I persevered. Every obstacle became an opportunity for growth, every setback a chance to rise stronger. Now, standing six months into my new career in real estate, I can confidently say that it was the best decision I ever made. The discomfort, the uncertainty – I leaned into it all. Failure was not an option; success was my destination.”

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