Rylia Fielding - Lean in Canada

The Dome House YYC

Rylia Fielding is a seasoned New Home Professional from Calgary, Alberta, known for her expertise in new home sales and interior design. 

With over two decades of experience in the luxury real estate sector, she has established herself as a trusted authority in transforming living spaces into exquisite havens. Notably, she is acclaimed for her role in managing The Dome House YYC Airbnb, showcasing her adeptness in property management.

In addition to her illustrious career, Rylia is deeply passionate about fashion and indulges in various DIY projects. Her keen eye for trends and knack for securing deals underscore her commitment to excellence in all endeavors. Moreover, she is dedicated to empowering women in their pursuits of success, utilizing her wealth of knowledge to maximize property investments and enhance their overall prosperity. 

With Rylia at the helm, every project embodies sophistication, functionality, and enduring value.

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