Sarah Potter - Lean in Canada

Associate Vice President, Direct Investing

Sarah Potter is an author, a speaker, a founder, and now part of the team at TD Direct Investing. Sarah has been involved in the brokerage OEO, financial media and fintech industry for over 20 years and is a well-recognized influencer, leader and speaker.  In her previous roles she started her own business focused on helping women be more financially literate, then built a business for retail traders with education, community and order execution.

As part of the executive team who lead at the Tradestation Group of Companies, and President of YouCanTrade, she was responsible for the ‘go to market’ strategy including sales, customer support teams, financial content production, product development, marketing, education and community.  In 2023 she was awarded top 10 women leaders in finance in the US.

Sarah is a well-known subject matter expert in self-directed investing and trading. She has been a featured speaker, writer, and interviewed guest at Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, TMX, CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance,, MoneyShow, and financial brokerages worldwide. She believes the way to success can be achieved with a goal, a dream, determination, a willingness and openness to learn and grow.

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