Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP | Lean in Canada
Suzanne Stevens

Suzanne F. Stevens has interviewed 70 pioneering leaders, mostly in Africa, and they all share two common traits:

1. They all reached their aspirations by doing something that pushed the edge of their comfort zone.

2. Although they challenged their own ability, the true beneficiaries were their companies, community and country.

Over the last fifteen years Suzanne has coached leaders, business and sales professionals how to move from average to awesome by challenging their perception of self and coaching them to creating a new reality. She will encourage you to look at yourself, personally and professionally. She will share what we should examine, discover, grab and express to look beyond your immediate circumstance and to explore your edgeness™. In essence – pushing your edge in everyday living, in business and beyond. Life begins at the edge.

Event: 05-26-2015 Explore Your Edgeness™

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