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Taking it easy during the holidays

So 2020 happened. Full stop.

Oh me, oh my how this year was unexpected. It tested us all as a human race in ways we didn’t see coming.

No need for a recap or a play by play here, we know what happened. These holidays are well deserved for all, regardless of race or religion. As organizations start to wind down, schools stop schooling, and things start to move at a momentary slower pace, take this time to actively do a look back at your 2020.

Think about who you were at the beginning of the year and who you are now. Is there a difference and is it positive or negative (or both)? Who have you spent more or less time with? How has your employment experience been? What would you do differently? Are you “Zoomed Out”,  or zooming in all the time on your screen to try to read that tiny font? It’s so small.

So many existential questions to ask yourself this year. These moments can be a great tool to help you identify key takeaways that you want to carry forward into 2021 and also areas that you want to discard and leave behind in 2020. Kick em to the curb; preferably with gleaming spurs and dust in your wake.

As you are hibernating with your families (or on your own), make it a point to spend some time reflecting. Learn a little more about yourself and how you want to feel and be seen in the world next year.

Try to also connect with people. We may not be able to go over to see families or friends en masse but we sure are lucky that video chat and the internet were invented before the pandemic. Remember in “Back to the Future II” when future Marty talks on video chat to Flea and our minds were blown? It’s here now, we are in the future so take advantage and contact all your loved ones.

It’s time to collectively hug our own selves for continuing to brave through this storm like warrior champions. 

Christmas and New Year’s spirit is awesome stuff with eggnog, sparklers, and magic in the air. But this year, magic still has to battle with COVID-19 enemy numero uno. Let’s keep the social distance thing going as the calamitous battle continues. 

Be safe and have an amazing and beautiful holiday pause.

On a side note, if you feel like doing some reading, here is an amazing list of seven powerful books that Sheryl Sandberg wants women to read.


(Credit: blog thumbnail photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)



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