The Power of Circles For Women’s Safety - Lean in Canada
Lean In Calgary has added to its resources a pre-recorded Podcast, hosted by our network’s Vice President of Circles, Lindsay White, with guest Giorgio Bereti, our network’s partner for Protective Services.
At Lean In, Circles are the foundation to our mission. Circle meetings offer connections and discussions for women to build relationships and grow their networks. In light of last week’s tragic event in our city, we are committed to building further awareness on the power of connection, education, and storytelling with the support of our sponsors.
Our network’s partnership with Eprius Global Solutions helps us execute our events across the city. This support also includes offering safety and protection for our team, our members, and all women across Calgary in need of immediate assistance. Strength builds in numbers, and it is through the bonding of Circles that any obstacles pertaining to women’s safety or need for protection become more recognized.
Lindsay and Giorgio discuss the power of vulnerability and its importance for women’s safety. You deserve to be respected, cared for and loved. Lean In to help us build awareness for protection through Circles.
Contact info for Giorgio / Eprius Global Solutions:
Tel. +1.825.252.5823

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